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About the iKeepSafe ATLIS Certification

iKeepSafe and ATLIS partnered to create the iKeepSafe ATLIS Privacy Certification for Independent Schools.  This certification demonstrates compliance with the high standards for protecting student privacy required of educational technology vendors in ATLIS member schools.

The iKeepSafe ATLIS Certification builds on iKeepSafe’s FERPA, COPPA Safe Harbor, and CSPC certifications, which help educators and parents find products that meet the expectations of federal privacy laws. This certification is recommended for operators and providers of websites and online services that are, in whole or in part, intended for use in and by independent schools.

ATLIS Certified

Why become ATLIS certified?

Earning the iKeepSafe ATLIS Certification demonstrates that your technology company is a leader in student privacy. Building upon the FERPA regulations, this certification assesses for the data privacy compliance standards that the ATLIS organization and its member schools require.

Instill confidence with parents, students and schools.

An ATLIS assessment from iKeepSafe, a trusted and experienced independent third party, will assure independent schools and parents that your educational technology product can be trusted with student data.

Clearly communicate compliance with stringent student data privacy laws.

Earning and displaying the iKeepSafe ATLIS certification indicates that your company values the privacy of your independent school customers and the members of their communities.

Eliminate the complicated guess work of data privacy compliance from your organization.

Having the iKeepSafe experts assess and guide you through the various elements of student privacy regulations will eliminate compliance uncertainty and provide the right direction for your unique needs.

Benefits of Earning the iKeepSafe ATLIS Certification

  • Helps ease entry into schools as vendors demonstrate data transparency and compliance
  • Recognition in the ATLIS network of independent schools as a preferred vendor
  • Recognition as a privacy certified vendor in the LearnPlatform
  • Demonstrates that you meet the high standards that are required of ATLIS schools in protecting student and family data privacy and security


Technology leaders make the best decisions when they are reflective, informed, and connected. ATLIS empowers its members to develop strategies, build relationships, and share best practices in technology and innovation for independent schools.

ATLIS, offering targeted professional development, mentorship program, best-practices resources and networking for members and the extended community.  


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